Fire Words for iPhone and iPod touch

Find as many words as you can by connecting the letters on the board. In each round, the letters get hotter, so don't wait too long to use all of them. By forming longer words you can get special ice letters that don't burn to make the game easier.

How to Play

Enter words by tapping the letters or slide across each work you enter, the other letters' "heat" increases. When a letter becomes too hot the game ends.

Frozen Tiles

By entering longer words you can get frozen tiles. They don't heat up, so the game becomes easier, the more of them you have. The indicator at the bottom of the screen shows the number of letters you need for one ice tile. This number increases in higher levels.


When you can't find words anymore you can shuffle the letters for a score penalty. Beware: From level 3 on, the letters' heat also increases when you shuffle!

Have fun!

If you need more help, contact help [at]